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Cast basalt tile,Cast basalt pipe,Cast basalt lined steel pipe
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Cast basalt tile,Cast basalt pipe,Cast basalt lined steel pipe,Clamp Cast Basalt Pipe

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different shaped cast basalt tile

Name:different shaped cast basalt tile
Details : Cast basalt is a kind of silicate crystalline material after producing and processing, it made of natural rock (basalt, diabase and other basite) or some industrial waste as the main raw materials, by melting, casting, crystallization, annealing and other processes. Cast basalt have an excellent performance of high abrasive and high corrosion resistance. Cast basalt products mainly include cast basalt tile, cast basalt pipe, cast basalt lined steel pipe, clamp cast basalt pipe, cast basalt wear-resistant slip joints, cast basalt wear-resistant valves, cast basalt powder and various wear-resistant corrosion-resistant cement which use cast basalt powder as raw material. Cast basalt products have been widely used in industrial sectors which have serious wear and corrosion of parts and equipment, such as electric power, mining, metallurgy, coal, chemicals, construction and so on. Cast basalt is an indispensable non-metallic industrial new material in the development of modern industry.
Physical Performance of Cast Basalt Products





Compressive Strength


Bending Strength

≥60 MPa

Impact Strength


Abrasive Resistance

0.09-0.14g/ cm2

Mons’ Hardness Scale

8 level

Vickers Hardness


Elasticity Modulus


Expansion Coefficient(room temperature to 60℃)


Chemical Attack Resistance




20% H2SO4




Chemical Substance of Cast Basalt Products (weight %)











43.13~ 44.12 12.50~ 13.52 8.64~9.50 2.02~2.62 9.05-10.22 8.6~10.47 1.40~1.75 4.62~5.28 4.82~6.25 1.10~1.38

The Application of Cast Basalt Products

various beneficiation tailings & concentrate pipelines

pipe for transporting coal-water

pipe of transporting ash and slag in thermal power plant

blast flush fines chute

the coal bunker of thermal power and coal industry

blast furnace slag ditch

pipe of sending sand by wind power

funnels of autogenously mill

the storage bin of steel mills and coking plants

classification return mines chute

all kinds of chutes, funnels, storage bin and so on

coke-conveying chute

various sand mixed machine, feeding machine

storage tank mine blast, coke funnel

various slag conveyor


the concentration of raw ore and slurry chute

various precipitator

punch mine ditch in mining industry

saturator, acid separator, pickling tank

various acid and alkali resistant concrete

vehicle brake test site

Cast basalt tile, mainly used for lining coal bunker thermal power plant, silos of steel mills and coking plant, various scraper conveyor, various feeder, all kinds of cyclone separator and cyclone, laying the ground of all type of chemical plants, automobile brake test field and so on. It can be also used for lining picking tank or storage of corrosive substance of the storage room. According to the customer different requirement, our company can provide various types of cast basalt tile.
Cast basalt tile is generally used as the lining of equipment, the construction quality of casting basalt tile largely determines the service life of equipment in the future.
Packaging and Delivery of Cast Basalt Products
Cast basalt tile adopt magma gravity casting molding, then go through the tunnel kiln to annealing, and over a period of open storage to eliminating naturally the residual internal stress of cast basalt tile. The packaging manner of cast basalt tile is wooden pallet or wooden case.

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